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Tan Inc Golden Brown Sugar

Tan Inc Golden Brown Sugar

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Step 2 Tanning Lotion – No Bronzers / No Tingle

This advanced step 2 lotion takes the sweetest ingredients and lovingly crafts the perfect recipe for your finest tanning experience. Double Dark Sugar Cane Extract is blended with an exclusive Brown Sugar Tanning Complex for the colour that every beginning tanner craves, and every advanced tanner demands. When you tan always insist upon the best request Golden Brown Sugar.

  • An advanced Step 2 recipe combines an exclusive blend of ultra dark tanning ingredients for optimum colour.
  • Decadent body butters condition skin for softness and an attractive glow.
  • Agran Oil of Morocco provides fantastic anti-aging & antioxidant properties.

Fragrance: Golden Orange Cream

Use: Sunbed use only
Level: Beginners
Warning: Does not contain SPF’s