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Spanish Ropa limpia bundle -

Spanish Ropa limpia bundle

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One of our best selling scents is Ropa limpia, (meaning fresh washing) this bundle contains  4 products Rrp £17.10

1 bottle of Ropa limpia multipurpose and floor cleaner 

1 Super saver sizzler bag simply pop around 25g in your tea light burner with a 4hr tea light, one bag will give you over 100hrs of fragrance 

1 bag of shake and scent a deodorising powder used to freshen round the home

1 pack of Scented discs to freshen your home and hoover. Pack of 4

Our scented hoover discs fragrance your home via circulating the air inside of your hoover through the filter and releasing your chosen scent into the air.

For best results before use refer to your hoovers manufacturers guide, place only one disc in or under your vacuum filter. 

Remove all packaging and place your disc in the filter/bag or cylinder of your vacuum. Wash hands immediately after handling.

Change discs when you can no longer smell the scent coming through the hoover. 1 discs lasts 3 weeks

Clean your hoover regularly according to your manufacturer instructions to avoid blockages and damage.